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Video Services, Digital Editing, Live Events

Rights Managed Content Producer


Whether it's your music, wedding, or a party, you spend weeks planning that special event to make it perfect and's over. All that is left are memories. That is why it's so important to have TRACY B WALKER capture the magical moments of your special event so you can relive them over and over.

TRACY B WALKER can do more than just document the day, the video camera can be used to tell a story. The story of your special day that you will treasure for years to come.

From SD to HD, Video Production is looking more and more film-like. From Corporate Events, Weddings, Music Videos or Quinceanera's, your event will be shot in absolute crystal fact, the final product will look just like a movie!

TRACY B WALKER also produces videos for corporate clients. Video business cards for business's looking for that marketing edge, Music videos for bands or photo montage, all in one stylish and sophisticated production. The possibilities are endless. After professional video editing, the resulting narrative can be transferred to videotape or DVD, complete with titles and chapters to ensure that the events of the day are not lost in time.

TRACY B WALKER documents and produce a wide range of media. Professionally producing commercials, training videos, demo videos, demo reels for bands and actors, and even independent film projects!

Let your mouse do the walking to view my productions, commercials, music videos and demo videos.